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Curra Swans Football Club

President: Milt Evans

Year Founded: 1961 Patron: C.J. Stewart

Vice President: Doug O’Keefe

Secretary: Jim Kennedy

Treasurer: Ron Moncrief

No history of Currajong Football Club would be complete without the background of the struggle by the then TAFL to obtain Ground at Keyatta Park to gain a home ground/ headquarters. Centenary Park as it would eventually be known started simply enough with a letter of application from the TAFL to the council for land at Keyatta Park with a long lease of 20 years asked for. The date of the application was March 21 1958.

The 3 parties involved in the process would be the NFL, TAFL and the Townsville Council.

The then national body of AFL, the NFL were involved because of a promise from them of funding an initial amount of 500 pounds to help with the devolpment of the area.

This was the pre computer age and the amount of letters and words that were to follow was staggering. It would be March 1964 before a lease was finally obtained after over two hundred letters,telegrams’ had crossed paths thousands of words and too many phone calls to count, the lease became a reality.

One of the main stumbling blocks was the coucils stubbonness in wanting to hold the league to an initial one year lease then after many letters back and forth to a five year lease when all along realistically a tweny year lease was asked for by the TAFL.

Towards the latter part of the battle a steering committee of reps from all clubs had been formed.

Currajong’s reps on the committee were K.Peters, M.Evans, R.Sutherland, T.Durley, D.Kennedy and J.Kennedy.

Sth Townsville’s reps were F.Boyle, M.Bowen, E.Cassidy, S.Langford, W.Wilson, R.Don, R.Stevenson, M.Fisher and C.Casey.

Once the initial lease was granted then the battle continued with the league and council still writing letters as late as 11th Nov. 1966.

Altogether 8 years had passed but persistence had payed off.

Subsequent clubrooms/ changerooms were built at an initial cost of 839 pounds 3 shillings and 8 pence.

Currajong was to become the sub leases of the grounds.


Currajong Football Club Officials

Year         President                  Year           Patron                   Year    Life Members

1961        M.F. Evans                1961-66    R.C. Schrock          1964   C.F. Moncrieff

1962-63  C.F. Moncrieff           1967-71    W.M. Schrock         1966   D.F. O’Keeffe

1964-65  H.H. Ogg                    1972-76    A.R. B. Schrock      1967   J.R. Kennedy

1966-68  H.R. Herden              1977-83    R.A. Schrock          1969   K.J. Peters

1972        H.Beaven                  1984-86    C. Leishman           1972   G.C. Nicol

1972  (Vice P: A.Tunaley)         1986          G.N. Smith             1973   E.F. Johns                          

1973-80  E.F. Johns                                                                   1976   D.K. Grey

1981        L.S. Marr                                                                     1980   G.E. Clancy

1981-83  E.F. Johns                                                                   1983  R.E. Cooke

1984-85  F.J. Szkuta                                                                    

1985-88  C.J.Houlahan       



TAFL Currajong Leading Goal Kickers     

1974       R. Lees

1977       K.Ferres

1979       K. Ferres    

WJ Williams  A.Grade Best and Fairest Winners (TAFL)  

1963       C. Morris

1968       J. Van Damme

1970       P. Cox

1984       K.Johnson

R. Oldman Reserves Best and Fairest Winners    

1971       A.Wilson

1974       B.Wallace

1978       I.Murdoch

1983       M.Mahady

1984       M.Mahady

TAFL Champion Club                                   

1966, 1968.


Currajong Best Club Man

Year        Name

1973       G.Nicol

1974       R.King

1975       C.Clancy

1976       D.O’Keefe

1977       G.Nicol

1978       L.Marr

1979       L.Marr

1980       M.Shanahan

1981       G.Nicol

1982       K.Davies

1983       C.Smith

1984       L.Lucas

1985       D.Slattery

1986       D.Toal

1987       D.Toal

1988       J.Henderson

1989       Mrs L.Howson

Currajong in Senior Grand Finals

Year     Captain  Coach                Result

1964    Doug Hurst    Garbutt defeated Currajong:  11-12 to 8-15                 

1973    Ross Veitch    Currajong defeated Bulldogs: 10-17 to 10-15

1974    Ross Veitch    Sth. Townsville defeated Currajong: 13-14 to 13-9

1975    Ross Veitch    Currajong defeated Bulldogs: 11-18 to 12-9

1976    Ross Veitch    Currajong defeated Sth. Townsville: 13-11 to 9-8

1977    Ken Ferres     Currajong defeated Hermit Park: 10-10 to 7-15

1978    Ken Ferres     Currajong defeated Hermit Park: 18-16 to 11-16

1979    Ken Ferres     Currajong defeated Hermit Park: 14-19 to 13-7

1980    Ken Ferres     Bulldogs defeated Currajong: 16-8 to Currajong 9-21

1983    John Joyce     Currajong defeated Hermit Park 21-14 to 15-10

1984     John Joyce    Currajong 18-19 defeated Hermit Park 9-18

1985/6                        Currajong 14-10 defeated Garbut 5-3.

1986/ 87                     Hermit Park 16-12 defeated Currajong 7-16.        

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